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Daniela Pestova's Bio

Name: Daniela Pestova

Birthdate: October 14, 1970

Place of Birth: Teplice, Czechoslavakia

Zodiac: Libra

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

Height: 5' 11" (179cm)

Bust: 34B (86cm)

Waist: 23 (5-58cm)

Hips: 35 (5-89cm)

Dress Size: 8

Shoe Size: (US)9 (Europe)41

Man: Married to Tommaso Buti, Italian CEO of the Fashion Café

Children: One son, Yannick Fausto

Residence: Hamptons, also owns a house in Miami

Agencies: New York - Elite, Milan - Elite, London - Elite Premier, Next

Earning Power: $12,000 a day, $2,000,000 a year

Trademark: She has earned the nickname, Chameleon because of her changing looks

J.Crew, L'Oréal, Sak's Fifth Avenue, Victoria's Secret

Magazine Covers:
1996: Cosmopolitan - UK January, March & June, Cosmopolitan - US February, Marie Claire - Spain February, Marie Claire - UK May, Self - US April, Shape - US May
1997: Elle - Germany September, Glamour - US June
1998: Cleo - Australia March & November, GQ - Spain July/August, GQ - US May, Marie Claire - Australia June, Shape - US February & September

Daniela Pestova, born October 14, 1970, expected few of her dreams to come true when she was young. Growing up during a time of political chaos and the Iron Curtain would have a large effect on anyone's dreams. However she (and the rest of the world) was lucky enough to be in the right spot at the right time. She had plans of attending college and majoring in Education. However that all changed when she was discovered in Prague by Dominique Caffin of the Madison modeling agency at age 19. He convinced her to enter a modeling contest and she won. She was then taken to Paris to sign on with his agency.

In 1990 Daniela's looks were admired by Paul Marciano, president and creative director of GUESS?, Inc. He has a reputation for picking out the yet undiscovered faces that will become the supermodels of today. She then participated in some of the most memorable GUESS? campaign advertisements in the history of the company. She was photographed along side Claudia Schiffer and the photos were taken by llen Von Unwerth in Morocco. All this in only one year after leaving her homeland.

In 1992, without speaking a word of English but fluent in Italian, Russian, French and Czech, she moved to New York. She graced the covers of Cosmopolitan, Elle, Marie Claire and Glamour soon after. She then landed a huge contract with L'Oréal, becoming a spokesperson and print model. She also began a long-running relationship with Victoria's Secret.

Daniela personally feels that she has had many great accomplishments. However the two most important to her are marrying her husband, Tomasso Buti, and having their child, Yannick Fausto. Professionally she is most proud of getting the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue in 1995. In her spare time she enjoys walking on the beach with her dogs (two Jack Russell terriers, Tino and Soda). She especially enjoys this when it is cold and not crowded because it gives herself a chance to "get herself together". She considers herself a health freak and tries to stay in the best shape she can. She has no trouble staying away from chocolates and sweets however has a weakness for bread. After her modeling career, she plans to either settle down and have more children or become a translator. However right now she is very happy modeling and is especially proud of her two swimsuit calenders.

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