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So, you're thinking about joining a fraternity and you want to know if Pi Lambda Phi is right for you. Consider the following:

1. Evaluate Your Abilities

Membership in Pi Lambda Phi is fun, but there are attendant responsibilities:

  • Scholastic - Brothers have a duty to fulfill their Academic Commitments;
  • Character - Brothers have a duty to conduct themselves in a moral and Gentlemenly manner, always;
  • Leadership - Pi Lambda Phi brothers are community leaders - leading first by example;
  • Obedience - Brothers have a duty to obey the laws, codes, and rules of bona fide authority - their Government, their Academic Institution, the Officers of the the Fraternity and their Chapter; and
  • Financial - Brothers have a duty to fulfill their financial responsibilities, including to the Fraternity.

If you think you can meet the challenge of these responsibilities, then you may find membership in Pi Lambda Phi to be a rewarding experience.

2. Get Out There and Rush

Fraternity Recruitment or "Rush" is a time for undergrads to evaluate the fraternities at their college or university. It's an exciting and enjoyable Greek Tradition - you meet people, make friends, and generally have fun. While you're having fun, take a moment to consider the ideas, ideals, and actions of the brothers of the fraternities you're rushing. Find the one that most closely fits your own philosophy and style. Perhaps, Pi Lambda Phi will be that fraternity.

3. Attain a Bid

During Rush, the fraternities will also be evaluating you for that potential "fit." If they see characteristics in you that suggest you'd make a good brother, they'll extend an invitation to join their fraternity, a "Bid." In particular, they'll be looking for:
  • Attendance at their Functions - Do you show an interest in their fraternity?
  • Personality and Character - Are you a fit with their style?
  • Adaptability - How well will you adapt to the process of becoming a member of that community?
  • Responsibility - Can you fulfill the duties and live up to the attendant responsibilities of brotherhood?
  • Leadership - Will you be a positive respresentative on campus, or to newer members?
  • Persistence - How committed are you to becoming a member?

If you are presented with a Bid to join Pi Lambda Phi, you may accept or decline. If you accept, you will be inducted into a new pledge class.

Pledge Class? Pledging? What's all this about the "Pledge Tradition?"

Throughout recorded history, societies have expected their youth to meet and pass traditional probationary tests to demonstrate their merits, and ability to contribute to that society. It is by these tests that the probationary members prove themselves worthy to attain full membership of that society. In Pi Lambda Phi, as throughout much of the traditional Greek System, new members, or "Pledges" demonstrate their commitment and worthiness to become full members of this Fraternity. Members of a PiLam Pledge Class learn about Pi Lambda Phi and how to be a Pi Lambda Phi Brother.

What kind of person is a Pi Lambda Phi brother?

Pi Lambda Phi brothers are Statesmen, such as U.S. Senators Arlen Specter and Herbert Kohl, Illinois Congressman Sidney Yates, and The Honorable David Croll and Peter Bercovitch, Members of Canadian Parliament;

Pi Lambda Phi brothers are Scientists, such as Richard P. Feynman, Quantum Physicist and Nobel Prize Winner;

Pi Lambda Phi brothers are Athletes, such as Sandy Koufax, Hall of Fame Baseball Player, Rafer Johnson, Olympic Decathlon Champion, and Rudy LaRusso, Basketball Star;

Pi Lambda Phi brothers are Artists, such as Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein, theatrical producers and musical composers, and Enoch Light, conductor and composer;

Pi Lambda Phi brothers are Entertainers, such as Howard Cosell, sportscaster, and Tony Martin, radio, TV and motion picture star;

Pi Lambda Phi brothers are Businessmen, such as Arthur M. Loew, Past President of Loew's International Corporation; and

Pi Lambda Phi brothers are Public Servants, such as Mortimer Caplin, Past Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service, and Justice Nathan Jacobs of the New Jersey State Supreme Court.

Pi Lambda Phi has responsible Brothers, Men and Members of their Community who have distinguished themselves in countless personal, professional, and civic endeavors - often drawing on the ideals and tenets of this Fraternity, and applying the lessons and people skills they learned as an undergraduate member of their PiLam Chapter.

Every chapter of the Fraternity is unique, however all share the rich heritage and traditions of Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity. In particular, all Pi Lambda Phi brothers are united by a common subscription to The Creed of Pi Lambda Phi.

Why should I choose to become a part of the Greek community?

Importance of Friendships
Intimate relationships formed during college days continues to be one of the most valuable assets a man can possess. They frequently ripen into life-long friendships of social and sometimes material benefits.

Disregard Criticisms
Regardless of criticisms, which arise more often to increase circulation than to serve the readers, the fraternity world has and will continue to prove that it has a definite and constructive place in the educational world.

Much to Gain
Active members gain invaluable social experience. Just to mention a small part: learning how to get along with people, self adjustment to chapter life, the importance of group welfare, practical leadership and management experience, and personal charcter development.

The New Member (Pledge) Tradition
Throughout recorded history, societies have expected youth to meet and pass traditional probationary test to demonstrate their merits prior to being accepted into manhood. This step has always been dependent on the youth's ability to prove himself worthy. This is where the fraternity tradition of new membership is derived.

The Benefits of Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity
Being in Pi Lambda Phi does not mean that you are expected to surrender any of your legal or social rights, personal ties, or moral beliefs. Your status as an individual changes only in that you have accepted a new responsibility.

Once a brother, you have the opportunity to accept and discharge responsibility; to share with and learn from those around you; and to heighten your self-confidence by exercising these opportunities.

Of course there are other advantages to being a brother.

Deep commitment to and investment in this Fraternity are the very essence of a Brother's relationship to Pi Lambda Phi.

"Joining a fraternity means nothing
but when you have really worked for it,
sweated for it, cursed it, and loved it,
as well as the men in it, you have something."

Brother Alfred Kovner, PA Alpha Delta, Temple University 1942

After graduation, you will likely move away from school to face new challenges and exciting opportunities. However, the friendships that are made as a Pi Lambda Phi Brother endure.

Brotherhood in Pi Lambda Phi is "Not Four Years, But a Lifetime."

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